Mara Probst (1990) is born in Graz, Austria. She studied classical and contemporary Viola before she started to do more experimental music and came through improvisation and also a detour through sculpture and fine arts to the need to write her own scores. In 2019 she completed a Master in Composition and Theory in the subject of «théâtre musical», including a minor in « sound arts/ Medienkunst» at the Hochschule der Künster Bern.  In her artistic practice she works as «composer- performer».

In her role of the performer she uses her voice, body and electronics.

In her compositions she thematises inner processes of organic forms. Forms can be plants (like in her composition «daisy 2017/18 for contrabass clarinet», or humans (like in her piece « Atmen 2018 for two vocal performers»). Her idea is, to use the form of an object literally like a vessel in order to make the proportions of the scetch. In the next step she fills it with movements, gestures, it starts to breath and connects with its surrounding and creates a dramaturgy through self- reflexivity.

Her impro influenced pieces are more sociologically based and her researches start with a video camera, in the surrounding of a city i.e. with street dancers (like in «nocturne» for two singers, percussion, contrabass clarinet, a speaker, two small synthesizer, video and text) or on the country side i.e. with grazing cows  (like in «supernatural landscapes I 2017 for ensemble, synthesizer and video»). She wants to question the isolation of the performers on stage, they connect virtually with the street live outside a hall or auditorium, are formed by the actions of everyday life, everyday questions etc.